12 Questions you should ask before hiring an SEO company.

1. Is content important?
  • Link building alone just isn’t an acceptable or effective tactic. High quality content is essential for achieving great ranking.

  • 2. How does Google’s new SEO initiative affect my website?
  • Google’s new algorithm has made ranking nearly impossible for link building agencies. Sites that are overly optimized with too many paid for links are being penalized. The best strategy according to Google’s initiative is to build your website up with high quality content.

  • 3. How can I build up website links quickly?
  • A legitimate seo company will not rush to build irrelevant links on your website. There is no quick and easy way to build up high quality, beneficial and relevant links.

  • 4. What is quality content?
  • Content that comes from a reputable source that is relevant to your business as well as keyword dense is considered quality content.

  • 5. Do you participate in link building services?
  • Any seo company that is still using or participating in link building services should be out of business by now. According to Google’s new standards sites that are paying for links are penalized in ranking.

  • 6. What are your quick fixes?
  • There are no “quick fixes” when it comes to seo, generating high quality content, building relevant links and social media campaigns. There are many companies out there selling the idea of immediate results, any company selling a “quick fix” is not being entirely forthcoming.

  • 7. What is your retention rate?
  • Knowing how many client’s stick around with a service is a huge indication of success. A company with strong customer support services and effective seo methods will likely retain most of their customers long term, while those that do not are likely losing business every month.

  • 8. Who does the seo on my website?
  • Many seo companies are simply reselling another vendor’s services. It’s important for you to know whether or not your website will be optimized by an internal developer or if the company you have hired is outsourcing their work. Make sure you are comfortable with the company you have hired and that they are credible and accountable. The person optimizing your website should answer their phone and respond to emails.

  • 9. Will you work with competitors in my area?
  • Google’s algorithm is set up to ensure that companies are not using black hat link building strategies to build rankings. If your seo company intends to go after a large number of businesses in the same market to build links it’s best to move on.

  • 10. Do you have references?
  • A quality company that is optimizing successfully should be able to provide you with references to current and past companies they have worked with. This will give you an idea whether or not the seo company is using effective seo strategies according to Google’s guidelines.

  • 11. How do you determine and measure success?
  • Understanding what tactics your seo company is using to generate results is important. Avoid using companies that promise quick results or make overzealous promises. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Measuring results can be done using various factors, if the parameters for determining success includes a minimum expectation for new customers, you should skip doing business with that company. There is no way to determine, estimate, predict or guarantee new customers.

  • 12. What are your tactics?
  • High quality content and link building are long term solutions that take time and precision to build effectively. Make sure the company you choose uses both strategies and has a strong focus on organic results.