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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does seo work?
  • A: The search engines use an algorithm to determine where search engines get ranked. SEO makes your website compatible with the search engine’s algorithm so that it is placed higher in the rankings.

  • How long will it take for my website to get ranked?
  • A: Every website, industry and market area is unique therefore there is no way to determine when exactly a website will be ranked, however, once we have started optimizing, most websites begin to see ranking results within 60-90 days.

  • How high and how many times will my site be ranked on the first page?
  • A: There is no way to guarantee or predict placement, however, with our monthly service we will continue to optimize your site in order to achieve the highest ranking possible through as many reputable sources as possible for the best visibility.

  • Is there any risk?
  • A: With any online marketing there is risk, however, we minimize that risk by offering a first month money back guarantee on all gold packages or higher and by utilizing only proven seo methods and best practice solutions.

  • What can I do to help my site perform better?
  • A: Your participation and swift reply to our requests can make a big difference in your site’s performance. Including relevant keyword rich content articles, images and video as well as choosing a clean, user friendly design that’s easy to navigate will help your website perform better.

  • Are mobile sites important?
  • A: Yes, a huge percentage of searchers are searching for services on the go from their mobile devices. If your site is not already mobile friendly we will make it mobile compatible.

  • If I need my website edited, or don’t like my current website, can you fix it?
  • A: Yes, our website design team can make changes to your existing website or even build you a brand new one. We include a free website with all our online marketing packages.

  • Can you SEO any website?
  • A: No, some websites are not built in a format that is compatible with the search engine’s algorithm. Typically websites that are built using an editor are not seo friendly. If your current website is not seo compatible, we include a free website with all our online marketing packages.

  • Should I continue to use Adwords?
  • A: That depends; Adwords can help to get your website indexed more quickly by the search engines, but not always necessary. Some people choose to use both seo and adwords in order to get listed more than once in the search engine while others choose to terminate their adwords once their website is ranked in the natural section of the page.

  • Do I need to continue using directory listing services?
  • A: Depending on which directory services you are using, you may be able to stop your subscriptions. We submit to multiple directory services on your behalf, however, there are some paid directory listings that are not included in our services. Generally, the more popular directories your business can be found in the better your visibility will be.